Daytona trip – Day 4

Today (the day before the Daytona 500) we decided to visit Daytona Beach to see the things that we probably won’t have time to see on race day.

We toured “Daytona USA”, which is a museum and interactive speedway center with lots of historical information about Daytona International Speedway, and a very cool IMAX theatre movie with great moments from previous races.

We also walked around the outside of the speedway, and visited the exhibits and collected some free stuff. This is the official pace car for this year’s race, a Z06 Corvette (505HP, 190MPH top speed… soooo cool).

Tomorrow….. Race Day!

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Daytona trip – Day 3

On day 3 we started the day by visiting Bass Pro Shops “Outdoor World” (also known as the Fisherman’s Mecca). It’s a good thing that we don’t have an Outdoor World store in Oregon, else Jon would surely be bankrupt. We then traveled to the “space coast” of Florida and toured Cocoa Beach, the village of Cocoa, and Titusville.

We did a little boat shopping (this one is too small).

It’s amazing how many shells are just laying around on the beach here. The weather has been great, sunny every day, with highs between 70 and 80 degrees!

President Bush was in Orlando on Friday, and we saw Air Force One parked at an Air Force base on the space coast. That explains the fighter jet escorts and the armed military folks all around.

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Daytona trip – Day 2

On day 2 we stayed in the Orlando area, and had a full day. Robin rode along in a
race car at the “Richard Petty driving experience” at Walt Disney World Speedway (she is a longtime Richard Petty fan). Pretty cool, she went 145 MPH on the oval track!

Next we took an airboat ride on Lake Tohopekaliga (Boggy Creek Airboat Rides). We saw 3 gators, a bald eagle, and several other kinds of birds. The airboat was cool, powered by a big block Chevy motor that is mounted high right behind the fan. Amazing where they can take that boat, at one point we were riding on weeds and mud, with almost no water beneath the boat.

Finally, we took in a show at the ‘Dolly Parton Dixie Stampede’. It’s a horse show/dinner theatre, with lots of trick riding and a “North versus the South” theme.

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Dec 2005 Christmas Tree Trek

We rented some snowshoes and headed up to Mt. Hood in December in search of the “McDermott Family Christmas tree”. We ended up at Frog Lake, it was a beautiful sunny day. The snowshoes (rented at REI) were awesome, they make it easy to walk in deep snow, and also have a serrated pair of blades on the underside that allow them to grip in packed snow or ice. We found a tree that we liked and ended the day with some hot chocolate at the Mt. Hood Brewing Co.

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Book report – 9 Things You Simply Must Do….

I heard about this book from Dr. Henry Cloud on a radio show, when Dr. Cloud was being interviewed. Henry Cloud is a high profile Psychologist and author who is probably best known for a book called Boundaries.

The premise of the book is that Dr. Cloud noticed through his interaction with highly successful and effective people that they share a number of traits. In fact, he calls them “Déjà vu” people, because each time he encountered one of these people, he thought sure he had met them before. He figured out that these folks all shared a distinct set of behaviors and attitudes that made them very familiar. He set out to study these behaviors, and understand why and how they contribute to the effectiveness of these very impactful people.

What are these 9 “things”? Well, you are going to have to read the book. But following are a sampling of the 9 things that I found most compelling:

  • Pull the tooth
  • Act like an ant
  • Play the movie
  • Be Humble

These are obviously metaphors for a set of behaviors and attitudes, but this gives you a sense for how the book makes the 9 things easy to remember and think about.

This is an outstanding book!! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone. It is very readable and practical. Dr. Cloud makes use of lots of stories, anecdotes and analogies which made the content interesting. 246 pages, and I found it to be a quick read. I plan to read it again shortly and perhaps once every couple of years to refresh.

Go get this book!

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Multnomah Channel

We spent the day before Thanksgiving cruising the Multnomah Channel. It was an amazingly beautiful day, cold but sunny and clear. We put in at Scappoose Bay marina, spent an hour fooling with Jon’s dead battery, then cruised the 20 or so miles north through the channel to the Willamette. This is a beautiful trip, can’t believe we waited so long to do it. John suited up and rode his Waverunner the whole way, he got some strange looks for being out this time of year.

Photos Copyright © 2005, Jon McDermott
Location: Multnomah Channel, OR

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