Made it to Astoria!

John and I recently completed a journey that we have talked about for some time now. We made the trip from Portland to Astoria in our boats. I took the Arima, and John rode his Waverunner. 95.19 miles in all, down the Columbia River, starting at the St. Johns Bridge in Portland, and ending at the John Day Park ramp in Astoria. It took us 8 hours in all, including two fuel/rest stops in Kalama and Cathlamet. Ryan took these pictures, and did a great job. Our plan called for about 4-5 hours on the water, but we didn’t anticipate the rough water that we encountered for nearly the full length of the trip. Near Cathlamet we ran into some 4+ foot waves, the third picture shows John meeting one of those. Our wives towed the trailers to Astoria, and helped make the trip easy for us. I was surprised by the amount of beautiful scenery along the way.

We particularly liked the Elochoman Slough Marina in Cathlamet, a very picturesque and peaceful place, I’d like to spend some more time there someday.

I used my Lowrance chartplotter extensively on this trip, and had good fun doing so, although I realized just how much I have to learn about it. I also realized for the first time why it would be advantageous to have a displacement hull vessel rather than a planing hull, so that you are in the water, rather than on top of it (where the waves can beat you to death).

It felt great to complete the challenge, we will surely have to do it again someday.

Photos Copyright © 2008, Jon McDermott
Location: Columbia River, OR

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