More 2008/2009 Blazer season memories

I remember this play distinctly from this past season. Ryan and I watched this game at Ruby Tuesday’s that night, because we didn’t have tickets, and the game wasn’t on broadcast TV. I like these clips because they give multiple angles of the same play. Some things to watch for in this video… Watch the amazing and under-appreciated no-look pass from Sergio to Rudy that gets the whole thing going. Also watch Rudy’s eyes when he sees the inbound pass after just completing the 3 pointer. Good stuff.


(Hint, click the tiny red play button at the bottom left of the page linked above)

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Choose to be in touch…

Randy Alcorn posted this on his Facebook page today. Brilliant. I can’t add anything to it…

My heart and character won’t change until my daily habits change. “Let the Word of Christ dwell in you richly.” Col. 3:16 Holy habits such as meditation, prayer, and church should be determined commitments. Our choices show what we value most. TV, internet, or God’s Word? A fruit of the Spirit is self-control. We already know what the world thinks—do we need to hear more? Choose to be in touch with the mind of God.

Photo Copyright © 2009, Jon McDermott
Location: Lopez Island, WA

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