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Compelling articles I found valuable today:  
Donald Miller – Ten Characteristics of a Disciple
I love the notion that you don’t have to wait until you become the exact right person to be a disciple. Note to self: get moving.  

Randy Elrod – Why Creatives Are Fleeing Their Day Jobs In A Search For Meaning
A connection between desire, making progress and creativity?? Wow, that works for me. I’d prefer that he had used examples other than celebrities to illustrate those who have shifted toward a search for real meaning, because celebrities are definitely not my role models. But the point is still taken. Convicting challenge here. Favorite quote: “Let’s not simply SURVIVE, let’s LIVE.”

Michael Hyatt – Five Consequences of a Life Out of Balance
Been there, unfortunately. Far too many of these consequences are familiar. Great list. I challenge the absolute truth of this statement, but won’t throw the baby out with the bathwater: “The number of hours you work has almost zero correlation with your effectiveness.” Favorite quote: “You can’t afford a divorce. The cost is incalculable.”

Jon Acuff, Stuff Christians Like: Running into famous Christians. (AKA, the “Michael W. Smith Incident.”)
Jon Acuff is funny. I’m so curious to know how much time he spent writing this post… Wonder if it is really as easy as he makes it look. Favorite quote: “In a few minutes he’s going to start laughing so loud that the pilot is probably going to need to make an announcement asking him to quiet down.”

CIO Article By Meridith Levinson – How to Network: More Tips for Shy People
I was offered a revelation a few years ago, the notion that being an introvert might not be a character flaw or evidence of brain damage. What a concept. I have had people who meet me for the first time, and say to me in that first meeting: “you are pretty quiet today.” Really? Compared to what? From the article and associated book…. “listening is as important as talking when it comes to networking, and introverts tend to be better listeners than the extroverts who run at the mouth” 2 Favorite quotes: “Real networking is about creating meaningful, mutually beneficial connections, one person at a time.” and “Introverts go deep. They like deeper connections and they think [in order] to talk, whereas extroverts talk to think,”

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