Life after Intel

Friday was my last day at Intel (after 24 years, ~10 months). I was eligible to retire based on my age and years of service, but wasn’t planning to retire anytime soon. Intel is in the midst of a large staffing reduction, however, so retirement came sooner than expected.

The last time I was unemployed, this is what a mobile phone looked like.
The last time I was unemployed, this is what a mobile phone looked like.

You won’t find me fishing full time, nor living in one of those golf cart gated communities. I need to and want to continue to work, so the job search will begin soon.

My hope is to continue to work in Application Security, my security work at Intel has ignited a passion in the subject that I want to continue to pursue. In the near term I will work on getting a couple of security certifications that involve some intensive study and exam prep.

While this change is not what I had in mind, I’m choosing to think of it as an opportunity. As I figure out “what’s next”, I’d like to think that the following attributes will characterize ‘life after Intel’ for me:

  • A growth mindset (continually growing, not stagnating nor regressing)
  • No regrets (per John Ortberg, we can turn the ‘right door’ into the ‘wrong door’ by the way we go through it – by spending all our focus on 2nd guessing the decision)
  • Discipline (for the sake of what discipline leads to, not for the sake of discipline itself)
  • Service to others (I’ve been so blessed, and I’m still firmly a believer in abundance over scarcity. As such, I’m compelled to serve.)
  • Lack of comfort (growth and comfort never coexist)
  • Positivity (my life is decidedly more about purpose than about circumstances, I can choose my reaction to circumstances – and I choose to be positive)
  • Intentionality (as Zig Ziglar always said, “if you aim at nothing, you’ll hit it every time”)
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6 thoughts on “Life after Intel”

  1. Fran and I were very surprised to read this. I think you have a very good perspective on the next chapter in your life. The first couple of weeks will seem like vacation and after that it’s like, “is this all there is?” At 72, I am going back to work in the medical industry, the only industry I haven’t worked in throughout the many chapters of my life. I will learn a new computer system, but be able to work from home (or Arizona or any other place we park the RV) for 2 1/2 hours a day. Doesn’t get much better. Good luck to you, Jon. As you know, the Lord is always by your side and leading you in the direction you should go.

    1. Thanks for the encouraging words Wendy! You are an inspiration. I sure do miss seeing you and Fran. I wish you the best in your new job!

  2. You have had a couple weeks……I am relatively sure you now have additional thoughts about the two things I mentioned to you……….so , how are they coming…….and what are your additional ……”stream of consciousness” now , after a couple weeks of vacation………? John Olson,

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