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Integrity by Dr. Henry Cloud – Part 1

This book is deep water. I expected a discussion on how honest and forthright behavior contributes to success in life and business. I’m getting so much more. Here are a couple of example quotes:

“When you empathize, you feel for the other person, but still know that its not your experience. In that way, you can be a bridge to a new and different experience from the one that they are having… such as hope.”

“True listening and understanding occurs only when this happens… The other person understands that you understand. And that only happens when your character is connecting enough to get you out of your own experience, and into the experience of the other. To do that requires a makeup that is not detached, or self-focused.”

Dr. Henry Cloud in Integrity: The Courage to Meet the Demands of Reality

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Book report – 9 Things You Simply Must Do….

I heard about this book from Dr. Henry Cloud on a radio show, when Dr. Cloud was being interviewed. Henry Cloud is a high profile Psychologist and author who is probably best known for a book called Boundaries.

The premise of the book is that Dr. Cloud noticed through his interaction with highly successful and effective people that they share a number of traits. In fact, he calls them “Déjà vu” people, because each time he encountered one of these people, he thought sure he had met them before. He figured out that these folks all shared a distinct set of behaviors and attitudes that made them very familiar. He set out to study these behaviors, and understand why and how they contribute to the effectiveness of these very impactful people.

What are these 9 “things”? Well, you are going to have to read the book. But following are a sampling of the 9 things that I found most compelling:

  • Pull the tooth
  • Act like an ant
  • Play the movie
  • Be Humble

These are obviously metaphors for a set of behaviors and attitudes, but this gives you a sense for how the book makes the 9 things easy to remember and think about.

This is an outstanding book!! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone. It is very readable and practical. Dr. Cloud makes use of lots of stories, anecdotes and analogies which made the content interesting. 246 pages, and I found it to be a quick read. I plan to read it again shortly and perhaps once every couple of years to refresh.

Go get this book!

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