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2009 CMBC Car Show

On Saturday Aug 8 CMBC hosted our 2nd annual car show. Our goals were to have a great show, provide an opportunity to connect and reach out to the community, and collect food donations for the CMBC food pantry. The show exceeded my expectations. We had over 70 cars, and a good mix of church member cars and cars from outside the church body. We met a lot of great people from the community. We collected several shopping carts full of donated food. We had great music led by Larry Haggin and his band, and a great BBQ lunch that was organized and cooked by Jay and his volunteers. The weather forecast was for rain on Saturday, but God had a better plan (he always does). The weather was absolutely perfect, warm and bright, with filtered sunlight behind the clouds. Kudos to the car show committee (Ron C, Tom, Ian, and Dave Mc) for lots of great planning. Thanks also to several others who volunteered their time to ensuring a successful event (Jay, Larry, Curt, Mazie, Dave M, Miles, Jerry, Tim, Liz, Melissa, Kari, Ted, Robin, Ron, Chuck, Greg, others I missed?)

Following are my pictures from the event. There are 2 albums. One for the casual viewer, who wants to get a quick flavor for the event. The other is for the serious car lover, many more pictures of the cars.

  • Abbreviated Car Show Photo Album (57 photos)
  • Full Car Show Photo Album (128 photos)

Harry Marsh also has a great photo album of the event, available below:

  • Harry Marsh’s DLight Photography Car Show Album
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