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Verizon Wireless Call Quality

It seems that each time I get a new cellphone, it has new non-call features and functions (camera, music player, full keyboard, web browsing, etc.). Despite the ‘advancements’, the newer phone is usually worse than the phone I previously had in terms of making a clear phone call! This is making me crazy.

In an ongoing effort to resolve my poor cellphone call quality, I came across these instructions from Verizon Wireless. They recommend performing these steps ‘every few weeks’.

Updating Preferred Roaming List(PRL)
Verizon Wireless is constantly advancing its roaming technology to provide you with superior roaming capabilities. By updating your PRL every few weeks, you can be sure you have access to our enhancements. As a result you may experience:

* Longer battery life
* Fewer dropped or blocked calls
* Clear, crisp connections in more areas across the United States
* Ability to connect to the digital network in more parts of the country

Instructions for updating your PRL:
1. Power on your phone within any Verizon Wireless digital service area.
2. Dial *228 and then press SEND (this call is airtime free).
3. When prompted, press option 2 to update your phone’s roaming capabilities (the update may take up to 2 minutes).
4. Once completed, a confirmation message will appear to inform you that your phone has been re-programmed with the new PRL.

These steps copied directly from the Verizon Wireless Website, posted here in case this is useful to you also.

Photo 1 courtesy of K!T, used under the Creative Commons License.

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