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Dr. Henry Cloud on love…

I’m frequently amazed at the wisdom of Dr. Henry Cloud. I’ve read his books, heard him speak, and followed him on social media. Quite often he’ll say something that is quotable, something that requires some pondering to fully appreciate the depth of meaning. Case in point – On a recent podcast he said the following, the context was ‘how do people experience love in the church?’

“The sad thing is… What happens in the church sometimes is that Love turns into a concept, or a propositional thing – people are supposed to know it in their heads. What the Bible says is that you are supposed to realize it in relationship, incarnational experiences, the doctrine of the church, with each other. And to the degree that love is a concept, love never reaches the heart – and the heart stays empty. But when love puts flesh on, like Jesus did when he came to earth, and people begin to experience it in real relationship in the dark empty places inside, then theology becomes reality, and that’s when life change happens.” Dr. Henry Cloud

and that’s when life change happens indeed.

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