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Tour de Lopez

Last weekend we rode in the ‘Tour de Lopez’ with our friends John & Barby on Lopez Island in the San Juans. The weather on Lopez was amazing! It was rainy and cool for a week before, but sunny and warm on the day of the ride. What a blessing it was. There were 3 routes: 10 miles, 17 miles, and 31 miles. We chose to ride the 10 mile, but ended up with 14.51 miles by the end of the day (including the ride
back to the truck). The ride ended in the village, with a catered lunch and live music.I had just received my bike back from a tune-up, and unfortunately it gave me problems most of the day. If the guys down at Bike Gallery are reading this, I’ll be in to see you soon.

Some tips for those interested in riding in the Tour de Lopez next year: 1.) Register early, the ride was sold out this year about 3 years prior tothe event. 2.) Reserve lodging early. There aren’t many hotels on Lopez, mostly rental vacation homes and B&B’s. We couldn’t get a place, so we stayed in Anacortes (worked out fine). 3.) Test ride your bike after getting it back from the bike shop, in plenty of time to return it for repairs on the repairs.
It was a great day. The ride was not competitive, so we had the opportunity to take our time and enjoy the views.

Photos © Copyright Jon McDermott – Taken in Anacortes, WA and Lopez Island WA

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